My Sea Glass Jar

My family goes to the beach all the time. We gather sea glass there every time we go. It is always a blast. The picture above is a picture of our jar of sea glass at our house. We have a lot, which shows how much we go to the beach. We live right down the street from a beach as well, so it is something we do often.

2 thoughts on “My Sea Glass Jar”

  1. Hello, Kate!

    This is very interesting to me. I’ve never found sea glass. I would love to find some because I think it’s beautiful. I would like to have a mosaic made from it.

    I have so many questions. Is there a good time of day to find sea glass? Where on the beach do you usually find it? Do you have to dig in the sand? Do you live by the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic?

    Best regards,
    Mrs. Bentley
    STUBC commenter

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